How Dining Inn Works

Dining Inn is a community based marketplace that connects like-minded people over home cooked food. Dining Inn helps make sharing easy, enjoyable and safe. We verify personal profiles and create an in-web/app smart messaging system for guests and hosts to communicate with ease and certainty, and maintain a safe and secure platform to collect and transfer payments. Whether as a guest or host, you can use our Help Centre to seek out answers to your questions.

There are three types of dining events for you to choose from –

  • Social Dining
  • Everyday Dining
  • Take-away
Social Dining:

We are all social creatures by nature. In a lot of cultures, socialising revolves around the dining table. The Social Dining aspect of Dining Inn takes the two elements – social get-together of like-minded people and home-made food – and brings it together. As a Host, you get to decide what kind of guests would you like invite over (age, interests, event specific) and what you are cooking. It could be that you want to watch a football match on your big screen TV at home with a bunch of fans of your club or that you are planning to make a special dish and you just want some company over dinner to share that dish with, or just have a party at home with music and dance. The guests can likewise search of various social dining events that are of interest and make a booking through the secure App.

Everyday Dining

As the name suggest, it is about everyday dining. Examples include

  • I am looking to try out a different cuisine, but needs to be authentic and home-made
  • I am visiting the area and would like meals for next 7 days
  • I need regular home-made meals every weekend
  • As a host, I want to take you through a journey of authentic ethnic cuisine over a period

We all know there are times when you just feel like getting that something special that you can pick up and eat at home or take it to a picnic. As a host, it could a specialty item that you cook (like a cake or a pastry) or perhaps you are planning to cook over the weekend and plan to make extra so that others can sample your cooking, but are not able to host.

As a Host

Once you have signed up for a Dining Inn Host, complete your listing and upload photos of your dish or meal. Once you are done, wait for our notification when your listing is approved. Once your Host profile is verified, you can go ahead and list as many hosting or take-away event as you want.

How to Host

Hosting is free and easy! Download Dining Inn Host App from the Apple App Store for iOs or Google Market Place for Android systems to create your profile. Once your profile has been approved, list your hosting events and then just sit back and await notification when a guest requests a booking with you. You have the option to accept or reject the request (if you have elected the option for confirming booking requests) It's that easy!

Create a Listing

Creating your listing easy. All you need is to complete your profile information in the mobile app, including you ID verification, address, load some pics of your hosting place, define your house rules and start creating the events. While building the menu, all you need is to

  • Select the type of service you provide, e.g. Social Dining, Everyday Dining or Takeaway
  • A name for your event or dish (e.g. Italian Journey Grandma Stype)
  • Select the date, time and meal type (breakfast, lunch or dinner)
  • Select how much notice do you need for cooking. No bookings will be taken in the window of time that you have specified prior to the event to ensure you have the notice you need
  • Select how many people would you like to host and any preferences for guest interests/age-group etc.
  • A description of your dish or meal such as the ingredients used (e.g. chicken, prawns) and how the dish is prepared (e.g. fried, seared)
  • Attractive photos of your dish or meal
  • Tag your dish or meal by meal type (e.g. side, main course), cuisine type (e.g. Chinese, Indian) and dietary needs (e.g. no pork, no seafood)
  • Set the price of your dish
Search Results

Search results are generated based on the information that guests input into the search fields. guests can further narrow down search results by using the search filters available that include location, cuisine type, date etc

Uploading Photos of your Dish or Meal

As they say, picture speaks a thousand words. Do include an attractive picture of the dish or the meal that you are going to serve to attract the guests.


Dining Inn charges a 20% admin fee to hosts for every successful booking on their listed items made through our app. In view of variable demands, hosts are welcome to set a fixed price or customise daily prices.

Instant Confirmation

Bookings are confirmed instantly upon successful payment. This is because as a host, you list when you are available to serve. We do give the Hosts an option to confirm booking request before the payment can be made. Once you have approved a guest booking, the guest makes payment through our secure platform and booking is confirmed. The system has checks built-in to that max number of guests are never exceeded. Please note that have the option to confirm the booking manually may result is you as a Host having less bookings as it slows down the process. As a Host, we do provide you with an option to screen the guests before the booking confirmation. This means that you will need to accept/deny requests from guests before the guests can pay and confirm the booking.

Hosting Place & Amenities

You are also encouraged to share more information about your hosting place, such as its unique qualities. Amenities are a great way to attract guests to Dining in at your place, so be sure to mention the amenities like air-conditioning, free parking, kid friendly, pet friendly, large screen TV etc. House Rules & Factors that may affect guest's Experience If you have any house rules, be sure to include them. For example, you may not permit smoking in the house or may now allow alcohol to be consumed.

Hospitality Standards

These standards can help you earn great reviews from guests by providing excellent and reliable hospitality. You can see how you are doing by checking reviews, ratings and feedback received from your guests.


A clean and tidy hosting place will always remain appealing and welcoming to guests. It is important to clean your place, especially if you have back-to-back bookings. Clean the areas that your guests can have access to, during the booking, especially the dining area and bathroom.

Accurate Listing

As a host, it is important that your listing accurately reflects the experience that guests will receive. You can help to make your listing more accurate by providing detailed description of what you can offer. Your guests will have the opportunity to determine the accuracy of information you provided. Creating a detailed profile and listing will attract guests who match your hosting style and help you earn great reviews.

Timely Response

Every time a guest communicates with you via our app messaging system, it is good practice to respond quickly to show that you are an attentive and considerate host. Always respond to messages or booking enquiries within 24 hours.

Supporting your guests

It is important to remain supportive and available to your guests during the booking, as this will affect the overall experience that your guest receives from you. If there are any changes to your booking, you should inform your guests in advance. Download the Dining Inn mobile app on your phone so you can respond to messages anywhere. If you are unable to greet your guests personally, you can give them an alternative point of contact.

Commitment to Bookings

When a booking is confirmed, your guests rely on you to cater to their needs. An unexpected change in booking can be very disruptive and unpleasant for your guests. If you are unable to avoid cancelling a confirmed booking, it is good practice to cancel early (more than 72 hours before service start time) or if incidents happen unexpectedly and are beyond your control, please inform your guests as early as possible. We want guests to book on Dining Inn to feel confident in their plans, so we treat cancellations seriously. Your listing may be deactivated if you cancel 3 bookings in 30 days.


Your guests can rate the overall quality of your food, such as its taste, presentation and hygiene. It is important to adopt proper food hygiene practices. The presentation and taste of your food will also affect its quality and your guest's dining experience.

Value for Money

You have control over the price you set for your listing, however it is important to set a realistic price that balances guests' expectations with what your listing has to offer. guests are able to rate the value of your listing on your listing page.

Your Price

You are in complete control of what you serve and at price. Do note that price does set expectation and higher price means premium service expectation. You rating given by the guests is going to be dependent on the experience driven by expectation. You may choose to offer low price initially to attract more guests and get good rating.

Overall Experience

The average of all the ratings will appear on your listing page. It also appears when a guest searches for a listing that matches their search criteria. So having a high overall rating is a good way to stand out. You can ask for feedback from guests to help you find areas to improve. They can tell you face-to-face or leave private feedback for you via our app messaging system. Please note that Dining Inn has no control over the conduct of hosts and disclaims all liability. Failure of hosts to satisfy their responsibilities may result in suspension of listing or removal from Dining Inn.

Payment to Host

Hosts would receive payment to their designated bank account once a week (payment run is done every Tuesday night), and post the delivery of the service, provided that no complaint was received from guest prior to this.

Host Cancellations

We understand that sometimes incidents may happen unexpectedly and are beyond our control. If you are unable to host and must cancel your booking, please inform your guests via call or SMS so they can make alternative plans. Your listing may be deactivated if you cancel 3 bookings in 30 days. In the event that you have to cancel a booking, Dining Inn will refund guests 100% of the payment. * Discounts applied via credits/promo codes are not refundable in cash.

Manage your Account

It is free and easy to use Dining Inn. The first step is to sign up for an account via Facebook. Once you have signed up, be sure to complete your account before you create a listing or make a booking. Account/Listing Deactivation

Dining Inn may limit, suspend or deactivate your account/listing, as outlined in our guest Agreements.

Your account may be temporarily deactivated if you cancel 3 bookings in 30 days.

To reactivate your account/listing, please email to

Your account/listing may also be deactivated during a review of Dining Inn accounts. Reviews are part of an effort to foster a trustworthy community and uphold the Host and guest Agreements.

If you wish to remove yourself as a host instead of cancelling your account, go to 'Manage My Listing' and turn off your listing.

Manage your Profile

Tell us a little bit about yourself by filling in some basic information so that we can better match you to your food and beverage needs. This also helps our Dining Inn hosts and guests to be more familiar with you.

To view or edit your profile, log in to your account and go to 'My Profile'. You can update the following:

1. Basic information about who you are and where you live, including your email and contact number.

2. Photos: Upload photos from your computer, or take one with your phone or webcam. A photo that clearly shows your face is needed before you create a listing or make a booking.

3. Verifications: Add verifications to complete your Verified ID, which is required for hosts. As a Host, you can also view/edit your host profile at ‘My Account’


What are profile verifications and how do I get them? Profile verifications are a great way to connect your Dining Inn profile to other information about you, such as your Facebook or Google account, email, contact number or photo ID.

Available Verifications

Available verifications include:

  • Email: Verify that you receive email notifications
  • Contact number: Verify that you receive SMSes
  • Online ID: Connect your Dining Inn profile to your Facebook
  • Photo ID: Upload a photo identification document such as your Driver's Licence or Passport
  • Reviews: Build a reputation in the Dining Inn community on your 'Reviews' tab after you have completed bookings
Why verify?

Having a verified ID gives Dining Inn a way to contact you about your bookings or your account. Both hosts and guests will be asked to verify their emails when they create an account with Dining Inn. Hosts are required to verify their Photo ID before listing their dish or meal.

Verified ID

We created the Verified ID process to build trust in our community and help give you more information when you are deciding who to host or book with.

How Verified ID works

Verified ID connects your Dining Inn profile with other information about you. As part of Verified ID, you might be asked to:

Verify your email and contact number

Connect another online profile to your Dining Inn account, such as your Facebook account

Upload a photo identification document such as your Driver's Licence or Passport

How do I verify my contact number?

Interested hosts will be asked to verify their mobile number before they become a host. We will send you a one-time password (OTP) to your mobile number. Just follow the instructions to verify.

When you will need to complete it

Hosts would be required to complete Verified ID before they create a listing.

The Verified ID Badge

When you complete Verified ID, you will earn a badge on your profile. However, Verified ID is not an endorsement or guarantee of someone's identity.

Is verifying my ID secure?

The information you provide Dining Inn during the Verified ID process is governed by our Privacy Notice and Policy. When we receive information from your Driver's Licence or Passport, we store the number in an encrypted form, so you should only have to verify your ID once.

Privacy and Encryption

We take privacy seriously. The information you provide during this process is encrypted and governed by our Privacy Notice and Policy.

We will not share your photo ID or other personal information provided during Verified ID with guest - they will only know that you have successfully completed the process. And we will never post to your Facebook account without your permission.

Only a small number of authorised Dining Inn employees are allowed to access your original documentation for troubleshooting or internal purposes. Our third-party partners store information from the Verified ID process according to our written instructions and under our Privacy Notice and Policy.

Why did I not receive my email notification?

If you fail to receive an email notification from us, here are a few different steps you can try to figure out this issue:

  • Make sure your email is correct.
  • We might be sending emails to an old or incorrect email address. To check the email being used: Go to 'My Account', ‘Personal Info’. Look for the 'Email' field. Make sure your email is correct. If it is incorrect, change it to the correct email, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click 'Save'.
  • Search all messages in your email inbox. Sometimes emails can get lost in your inbox. In your email account, search for terms like 'Dining Inn', 'Booking', 'Verification', or other words related to the email you are looking for.
  • Check your spam and other email filters. It is possible that your email provider mistakenly sent our messages to your spam or junk folder. To avoid this: Remove Dining Inn messages from your spam list. Add  and  to your personal email address book.
  • If you have other filters or routing rules in your email account that may have sorted Dining Inn emails elsewhere, be sure to check those too.
  • Check for issues with your email service provider. Depending on your provider, emails can take up to a few hours to be delivered. If undelivered or delayed emails continue to be an issue, check with your provider to see if there are any configuration issues or problems with their network that might be affecting your account.