Dining Inn Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dining Inn is a community based marketplace that connects like-minded people over home cooked food.

Dining Inn helps make sharing easy, enjoyable and safe. We verify personal profiles and create an in-web/app smart messaging system for guests and hosts to communicate with ease and certainty, and maintain a safe and secure platform to collect and transfer payments.

There are three types of dining events for you to choose from –

  • Social Dining
  • Everyday Dining
  • Take-away

For detailed information on How does Dining Inn Work, please click on the link “How it Works”

We are all social creatures by nature. In a lot of cultures, socialising revolves around the dining table. The Social Dining aspect of Dining Inn takes the two elements – social get-together of like minded people and home-made food – and brings it together.

As a Host, you get to decide what kind of guests would you like invite over (age, interests, event specific) and what you are cooking. It could be that you want to watch a football match on your big screen TV at home with a bunch of fans of your club or that you are planning to make a special dish and you just want some company over dinner to share that dish with, or just have a party at home with music and dance. The guests can likewise search of various social dining events that are of interest and make a booking through the secure App.

As the name suggest, it is about everyday dining. Examples include

  • I am looking to try out a different cuisine, but needs to be authentic and home-made
  • I am visiting the area and would like meals for next 7 days
  • I need regular home-made meals every weekend
  • As a host, I want to take you through a journey of authentic ethnic cuisine over a period

We know there are times when you just feel like getting that something special that you can pick up and eat at home or take it to a picnic. As a host, it could a specialty item that you cook (like a cake or a pastry) or perhaps you are planning to cook over the weekend and plan to make extra so that others

No, it is free to Join Dining Inn. We charge a fee for every successful order.

Simply download the App for iOS or Android platform for respective App Stores and complete the registration process.

Anyone who is an enthusiastic cook and likes to entertain can be host. You can host to get company of like-minded people or you can host to make an earning from your cooking.

That totally depends on you and factors like how many events to you host, the price you set for your food, how many guests you are able to attract etc.

You can decide what price you set. It is entirely up to you.

You will get paid once a week (we run payment file every Tuesday night) for all the successful hosting events in the previous week, unless we have had some feedback from the guest (in that case, we would already be in conversation with you). The payment is made directly into your bank account (minus our fees).

No, it is entirely up to you as to when you decide to cook, what you decide to cook and for how many guests